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The Top Three Worst Tourist Locations In The World That People Still Visit

Posted on 05 July 2018 by admin (0)

Think about it for one minute. What is your dream location that you want to visit one day? But, is it really a dream destination or might it be one of the worst tourist locations in the world, but what people are still visiting? This is something that is happening all the time. People dreaming about a destination, just to find out that this wasn’t worth the money and your dreams. These are the top three worst tourist locations that people are still visiting and dreaming about:

Going to See the Empire State Building

Yes, you want to see how it looks from the top of the empire state building. But, there is a big change that you are going to be disappointed. This is because when you are on the roof of the building, there isn’t anything special about the view. This is just another view of a city, where there are many skyscrapers.

The worst thing about going to the empire state building is that you are paying a lot of money to go up a lift, just to be able to say that you were in the empire state building and that you saw how it looks from the top. Not fun at all, and not worth the money spend.

Visiting Hollywood

Hollywood. The place to be. Although, this is what many people think. They will be able to see celebrities, enjoying the great city and feeling like one of the most popular celebrities in the world. No, this isn’t how you are going to experience Hollywood, even if this is how people make it sound.

Hollywood is just another city, where people are living. A place where there are lots of traffic and where food and accommodation are really expensive. That it. Nothing more. You are paying a lot of money, just to be able to say you visit Hollywood. Even, if there weren’t really something to talk about your trip.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong can be a great place to visit. This is if you don’t mind the low-class accommodation, the strange cuisine and the thousands of people.

There are a couple of great things in Hong Kong but is it worth the problems you are going to have with a huge crowd of people each day and wondering what you are going to eat. There are many other places, similar to Hong Kong that will be a much better option.