Top 5 Lovely Places In France To Visit

Posted on 14 September 2018 (0)

France boasts of scenic places you can visit for your next vacation with your family or friends, and for years France has been a center for tourism. France is known for her magnificent architecture, fountains, sea, nice marketplaces as well as her deep rich in history and culture, and of course her mouthwatering delicacies and wine.

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Paris is not just popular for being the capital of France, but also for her beauty, no surprise it has attracted an influx of tourists. The river Seine flowing through Paris into Le Havre is such a beauty to behold, you will also love to visit Champs-Élysées, famous for her luxury shops, cafes, and theatres.

Paris host different people across all works of lives during the “Bastille Day military parade” in Champs-Élysée. At the western part of Champs-Élysée, is the “Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile”- Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile is rich in history, commissioned by Emperor Napoleon in 1806 after the victory at Austerlitz.



Lille is situated at the north of France and is regarded as the fifth largest city in France. Lille has one of the largest museums in France, the Palais des Beaux-Arts, which contains a lot of paintings seized from churches and cities that were taken over by France revolutionary armies.

The heart of Lille is the grand place, considered as a busy area; it is popular for her historic buildings also with an avalanche of cafes and terraces. The historical building, Ville bourse contains a courtyard where trading takes place, you can go there to buy a genre of books.


World’s Most Popular Tourists Attractions

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Exploring the most popular tourist attractions in the world

The world sure is a beautiful place that sometimes confuses you where to go first. Every country or island present has its own charm, which certainly makes us curious to explore it of our own. But the question is where to go? How should we start our exploration? The answers to these questions can’t be given right away. Though there are many wonders and attractions all over the world. Few of the most popular five are the following. 

Panama City

The first that catches the tourist’s sight is Panama City. It has a lot of must-see attractions and activities, however getting the opportunity to visit them at once can be challenging but impossible. Regardless of whether it has a touch of the old world but still Panama in Casco or an evening spent at the glorious Miraflores Locks are really is something that fits your plan perfectly both site wise and budget wise. Therefore for an outing in Panama City, it is vital to realize what’s in store for you, and what attractions you should visit.

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The Top Three Worst Tourist Locations In The World That People Still Visit

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Think about it for one minute. What is your dream location that you want to visit one day? But, is it really a dream destination or might it be one of the worst tourist locations in the world, but what people are still visiting? This is something that is happening all the time. People dreaming about a destination, just to find out that this wasn’t worth the money and your dreams. These are the top three worst tourist locations that people are still visiting and dreaming about:

Going to See the Empire State Building

Yes, you want to see how it looks from the top of the empire state building. But, there is a big change that you are going to be disappointed. This is because when you are on the roof of the building, there isn’t anything special about the view. This is just another view of a city, where there are many skyscrapers.